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"Education is the key to unlocking the world,
a passport to freedom."

-Oprah Winfrey

Education & Training

Have you ever thought about becoming a home-based educator?

Life as an educator means working from home and enjoying the flexibility that comes with it. It also allows you to share your lived experiences with the children in your care.

Working as a home-based educator is not only rewarding and fulfilling, but it also allows you the freedom to set your own hours, work on your own schedule, and create your own curriculum. You can have a successful career as a home-based educator if you have the right attitude, work hard, and most importantly, possess a love for working with kids.

All the Little Giggles

As a home-based educator you would play an extremely important role in the lives of the children in your care.

You would provide a safe and nurturing learning environment that encourages their learning and growth. You would also be responsible for guiding the learning adventures and supporting each child to build the essential skills they need to be successful in life.

The key is to enable the children to safely explore their own interests and develop their own individuality, while still providing the structure and guidance needed to help them reach their goals.

What types of Educators are there?

Home-Based Educator

Children go to the home of the teacher, where they will be cared for.


A teacher who goes to the family's house to care for the child there.

Educator Pre-match

If you are already caring for children unofficially, sign up with us and we can help you get paid for what you're already doing.

Recent Reviews

I’d recommend ASPIRE Learning because my children love it and I enjoy it too! They get more one on one time which is important to me and my children all get to be together.

Emma K

Transitions into the service are carefully considered by service leaders to ensure children’s languages and cultures are nurtured and celebrated. Retention of home languages is recognised as important for children’s wellbeing. Children benefit from the small group sizes which enable individual care.

Education Review Office

ASPIRE Learning was so amazing with our little girl. Her Educator really took the time to tailor things to her interests and she loved the events ASPIRE put on too. I would totally recommend them!

T & M